Transnational Project Meeting @ University College Dublin, Ireland

6th – 10th June 2023
As the project period draws to a close, members of the FORCE team discussed activities up to and
beyond the project close date. Attendees had the opportunity to experience the 3D VR simulation on
site in order to add depth of appreciation on use of the 2D version within FORCE simulated cases.

The multi-day meeting provided time for the team to undertake filming of four further cases in
clinical sites associated with UCD. The stage of development of other cases was discussed, progress
actions put in place, and the likely final number of cases estimated.

Launch processes via social media were agreed, and the adoption of a simple landing page for log in
instructions was drafted. Legal disclaimers on user data were drafted for review by UCD legal.

User instructions and support were discussed, and formats were agreed for different types of
instructions, e.g. document or video. It was agreed to develop several smaller and specific guidelines
rather than one large guideline document. These guidelines will address not only operation within
the VLE but also advice on developing similar resources and adopting simulation into an existing

Test cohorts for final evaluation of the FORCE cases was discussed, in particular how big the cohort
should be and how should participants be recruited. Processes for quality endorsement by the EFRS
were also drafted and a timescale and working group agreed. It seemed likely that the evaluation
will be in time to inform the final EU report even if a publication is not written up within that

Sustainability of the FORCE VLE and case simulations after the project period was considered in
depth. Several approaches remain under consideration and a working group was put in place to
advance a decision and post project structure. It is likely that an editorial committee working in
collaboration with EFRS represents the best way forward.