Affiliate Partner ERASMUS+ Meeting @ Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal

7th September 2023

Members of the FORCE team were delighted to join colleagues in the Radiography Erasmus
Group at a meeting in Porto. In a two hour workshop, we were able to publicise the FORCE
Virtual Learning Environment and case simulations to educators within the Radiography
Erasmus Group. Attendees had opportunity to log into the Virtual Learning Environment and
work through the learning content in example cases.

The FORCE consortium was originally drawn from colleagues within the Radiography
Erasmus Group. While only eight of the Erasmus Radiography centres became full partners
in FORCE, the other twelve were all potential affiliate partners should they choose to
become involved at the periphery of the project. At this meeting in Porto, representatives of
all the centres present expressed interest in using the FORCE resources and participating in
the project evaluation. This level of interest and positive feedback was very encouraging to
the FORCE team.