FORCE is a virtual learning environment (VLE) where Radiography undergraduates can add to their clinical placement experience.

The VLE presents a close simulation of workflow in imaging and therapy “departments”, with different work areas, patients to be examined and problems to be solved.

The VLE has been populated with video simulations of clinical cases in Diagnostic Radiography, Image Interpretation, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy which are overlaid with interactive learning content.

The VLE is open access to any user following initial access using Google account credentials. Use of Google password access is necessary for operation of the concierge system to use the 2D virtual reality simulation software for the diagnostic case simulations.

The VLE is aimed at student Radiographers and Radiography Educators, although the potential value to practising Radiographers as a Continuing Professional Development Tool is acknowledged.

Listen to student opinions of FORCE in the videos. Click on “FORCE learning login” to access the VLE.