Transnational Project Meeting @ Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway

17th-22nd October 2022

FORCE consortium team members were hosted in the excellent simulation facilities in Bergen for a week of script development and filming. Our “Hollywood week” was carefully planned to fit in with availability in the various simulation spaces, while also ensuring scripts were developed in time and cast lists were all filled.

We refined our approach to storyboarding each clinical simulation, arising at a template reflecting necessary props, camera angle, scene length and content, and associated learning outcomes. Script development had the unexpected added value of increasing the team vocabulary in several languages.

Some of the team performances during filming were worthy of Oscar nomination – it seems one or two Radiography academics may have missed their true vocation. We don’t usually mention individual inputs in our event reports but this one can’t go recorded without credit to our cameraman, Per Sakariassen. Per’s tenacity and attention to detail has ensured excellent quality on these filmed sequences.

Over six days, we planned to plan, script and film ten clinical simulations. We completed filming of nine simulations in the available equivalent of five days and were delighted when we could say, with success, “it’s a wrap!!”.