Multiplier Event @ European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria

13-17th July 2022

The European Congress of Radiology is annually recorded as the largest gathering of
Radiographers internationally. The FORCE project was publicised to the ECR Congress by a
presentation delivered in one of the conference sessions. An exhibition booth with four
hands-on workstations operated throughout the Congress in the European Federation of
Radiographer Societies research hub. Participants had the opportunity to choose a case
simulation and work through the learning content. Over 100 Radiographers engaged with
the FORCE project. From these, 63 delegates across 23 countries signed up to receive
updates about the project, and completed an online evaluation questionnaire to give their
feedback on the FORCE case simulations.

The FORCE team representatives were able to discuss the project with participants, and
gather information about interested parties who would consider contributing to the project
after the initial development phase. The small number of participants who were interested
in this aspect were all Radiography Educators.