Virtual Transnational Project Meeting

6th April 2022

Online meetings continue in the presence of COVID. In this virtual meeting, the FORCE
consortium team met to discuss progress, challenges and adaptations to the workplan for
year one and to develop a detailed plan for development, management and administration
activities in year two.

A standing meeting each Wednesday at 9am CET was agreed for year two of the project.

Simulated cases developed thus far were reviewed. Acceptable links were agreed. Multiple
cases from one patient story were agreed to be useful to show complex patient pathways.
Further consideration of comparative practice between countries needs to be continually

Data sharing agreement for patient images is ready for signing across centres. Associated
Data Management Plan, Record of Processing Activities and Patient Information Leaflet were
updated. Focus of shared images was agreed.

Face to face FORCE meeting and Multiplier Event in Vienna July 2022 were planned in detail.
The TNP will involve workshops to brainstorm new cases and get an overview of complete
learning themes across all cases. The Multiplier Event will run for the duration of ECR,
involving a presentation and FORCE resources on display in the EFRS hub, along with an
evaluation questionnaire. Logistics and equipment needed were agreed, as were the cases
that would be on display.

Learner data were considered as we move towards live resources. Opinions were gathered
for future action by the team. Language of resources is English, but the possibility of sub
titles on the videos was considered and agreed to be applied if easily feasible.
Interim report was considered and each Academic Lead making sure all records are up to

Moodle in Digicampus needs to be made ready for July launch. A working group was
established. Agreed that a back up copy of Moodle will be hosted on secure Vienna server.
Hosting of H5P files requires attention – a working group will be established.